Our Mission

Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit,CAMWORK is committed to saving souls, strengthening the saved and serving the society, with the aim of presenting God’s children mature in Christ.

Our Mission

Saving Souls, Strengthening the Saved, and Serving the Society.

Contributing to enhancing the growth and maturity of the churches of Christ in Camweroon.

Saving Souls

  • Camwork is devoted to preaching the Good News of Christ and allowing God to give the increase. A few are being added to the church from time to time. To God be the glory! Our outreach begins in Bonaberi and goes all over the country and abroad. We use the one on one approach, a radio program, house fellowship, the service to the communities etc. as avenues to lead the losts, friends and relatives to Christ.

  • Camwork is also into church planting so God's children can enjoy corporate worship wherever they are. It begins by identifying a town or village where we have one or two brethren but do not have the Lord’s church. Camwork works in collaboration with evangelists and preachers across the country and the Lord has been faithful.

Strengthening the Saved

  • This is Camwork's attempt in dealing with the problem of growth and maturity in the church. For this reason, members of the Camwork crew, Louis and Linda especially are committed to:

    • Visiting and worshipping with congregations across the country,

    • Organizing leadership training seminars,

    • Training men on church and family leadership and women for female related ministries, including Sunday school teaching,

    • Equipping young men for song leading, preaching and interpretation (French and English).

Serving the Society

  • Camwork wants to be sensitive to the needs of the community. We want to provide water, clothing, food and support established health centers hoping to have our own some day. Camwork has also established a functional library in Bonaberi church of Christ and has created a playroom for kids in the church and in the community.

  • Camwork is also working with the vulnerable: widows and orphans, internally displaced persons and handicap persons. We also take part in community humanitarian efforts.

  • Camwork just wants to be a good neighbor and a good citizen, living a life and doing things that can draw people to God.