Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee (AC)

In order to ensure the success of Camwork a group of five men have been put in place in the effort of overseeing this work, outside of Louis’s preaching position in Bonaberi. It is believed that a group of faithful men in Cameroon can do much more to help ensure the success of Camwork than the Cloverdale’s elders are able to do from the USA. Their responsibilities are as follows.

The AC has an eye toward the work Louis and Linda are performing, understanding what they are doing and how it affects the church in Cameroon.

These men understand the work of Camwork and are available as needed to provide guidance and insight. They are not police but brothers with much experience in ministry (except for Gerald who is in the AC due to his accounting expertise).

From time to time, important decisions will need to be made as to direction and funding of certain projects. At these times, Louis and Linda will need input into the appropriate approach and financial resources needed.

Louis will be providing periodic reporting to the Cloverdale Missions Ministry Committee. The AC receives them as well. These reports could be narrative (Newsletters) or technical.

The AC helps Louis and Linda be accountable to the agreement and to God. If disagreements between Louis and Linda and the Oversight Board cannot be resolved, the Cloverdale Missions Committee and/or the Elders would want to be engaged to help resolve the matter to everyone’s satisfaction.

Dr Ekambi Ndema Armand

He serves as the Chairperson (focal point) of the Advisory Committee. He is Pediatrician and an expert in Public health and is still working with many African countries in improving their health systems. He is a project manager and worships with the Bonaberi church of Christ. He is the Bassay’s family doctor.

Omam Ndumbe Christopher

He is an elder in the Buea church of Christ. He is also currently serving as the Vice President of the Board of Trustees of the churches of Christ in Cameroon. This is a group of a few men requested by the government to serve the church in legal matters. He is a building engineer.

Kungang Fuanyi Paul

He is a builder by profession. Member of the church in Bonaberi. He is among those who brought Louis to Bonaberi and have asked him to serve as pulpit minister since 2001.

Ncho Tabe Moses

He has served as a preacher of the church of Christ in Buea for many years. He is currently a member of the Bomaka church of Christ. He has been for a long time a church planter in the English side of Cameroon. He studied for some years at Abilene Christian University. He is also a project manager.

Ndenge Gerald Atumu

He is sharing the pulpit with Louis in Bonaberi. He began serving as preacher in 2015 when Louis travelled to the USA for his degree in Bible and Ministry. He also works as an accountant in a prominent cocoa company in Bonaberi.